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Founded in 2006, Elevate Foundation (501c3) is dedicated to serving humanity and the planet on which we live. Our first major initiative was Elevate Film Festival. It was a filmmaking challenge like no other. Professional and emerging filmmakers were given an assignment to create a short film from start to completion within seven days. Each project shines a light on individuals and organizations making a positive difference in our world. Since launching in a yoga studio in 2005, the touring event swiftly earned the title as “the largest single screen film festival.” hosting up to 6000 people per screening.

In 2008 Elevate was named among the top 25 film film events worldwide by Movie Maker Magazine. Through the festival, Elevate Foundation has lead missions to bring clean water to Tijuana, built homes for the homeless, erected schools in Africa, delivered musical equipment to children in war torn countries, launched numerous green initiatives, mentored youth, aided indigenous tribes, and much more.


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